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The Professional Driver is responsible for

  • safely moving freight for our customers.

  • maintaining his/her ability to provide driving services throughout Canada and the USA at all times.

  • managing his/her personal utilization to achieve or exceed minimum company period mileage targets on the assigned power unit over the year.

  • managing his/her assigned equipment to minimize fleet operating costs and maximize availability.

  • practicing safe vehicle operation at all times. He/she recognizes that large truck equipment is very visible on the road and, by his/her responsible actions, is perceived to be a safe and courteous  employee by the driving public.

  • managing him/herself and his/her equipment on the road in compliance with all MOT/ DOT moving regulations.

  • ensuring the equipment he/she is assigned is roadworthy, fit for use and in compliance with DOT/ MOT mechanical regulations at all times.

  • protecting the integrity of cargo at all times and to minimize the risk of claims against the company by effectively managing potential cargo claim events.

  • facilitating the efficient completion of tasks by other company PTO’s and internal staff by ensuring paperwork and satellite transactions are completed in an accurate and timely manner.


A professional transport operator requires physical agility and stamina for pre- and post-trip inspections, hand-bombing and manual adjustments to equipment, and mental concentration for long periods of sitting and driving.


  • Maintain a current and valid AZ license.

  • Current CVOR abstract (within 30 days).

  • Current driver abstract (within 30 days).

  • Current criminal search (within 90 days).

  • Oral, written and comprehension skills in English at a minimum Grade 10 level.

  • Operation of satellite communication equipment.

  • 70 hour work weeks away from home with constant shift changes.

  • Sleep in confined space with disturbance.

  • Subject to extremes of weather, possible odors and hazardous materials.

  • Entered into consortium for random drug & alcohol testing – zero tolerance.

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